Guatemala San Luis El Volcancito - Modelo Lot


Guatemala San Luis El Volcancito - Modelo Lot

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We Taste: Red cherry, floral, peach, nutty
Location: Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Altitude: 1100 Meters Above Sea Level
Varieties: Caturra
Processing: Washed

About: This is a coffee that we are always excited to carry. It is produced by John Schippers, who is the 3rd generation to own the farm. Coffee has been in his family for 5 generations. They are importing their family's coffee through their family importing company Dos Niñas Coffee Importers. The farm has its own volcano, which gives it very fertile soil. They are also more than just a farm, they are a community. They have 13 families living on the farm, and they are their full time workers. They have built a school for the children, have a church, and are in the process of building cinderblock houses for the farming families.

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